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Hear what they are saying about us!

"Featured Review" - Jan 2013


Kristina M, Portland, OR 

Absolutely the best butcher in Portland. In fact, it might be the only *actual* butcher in Portland that combines great product, knowledgeable staff, and neighborhood familiarity. Kelly reminds me of the cheerful butcher my family frequented in Germany. They will bend over backwards to get you *just the right thing,* whether it's a fancy standing rib roast, or something that cooks fast and always tastes good. Kelly will even brainstorm on good side dishes with you.

Plus, the guys are FUNNY. Stroll in there on a Sunday when their football team is losing.  

Best bacon, sausage (breakfast and dinner kind), rib eye ($3.50 for 8oz?!? I can die happy), pot roast... it's ALL better than anywhere else, and it is priced right. I told one of my friends that it "beats Gartner's hands down in quality, service, and pricing any day of the week."... She countered with, "but do they have 'meat candy'?" (Gartner's does thinly sliced short ribs seasoned and BBQ ready that are pretty darn tasty- so Kelly.. DO YOU? Better yet, do have them with tamari instead of soy sauce for us gluten-free losers?)

I will arm wrestle anyone who can find a better butcher in this city, or the surrounding areas for that matter. Bonus arm wrestle if you also find one that's 6 minutes from my house! 


Pete H, Portland, OR

As I drove away with a piece of delicious beef jerky in my mouth, I realized despite shopping here multiple times, I still needed to write up a review on Yelp. 

Simply put- Western Meat Market is AWESOME.

The beef jerky is fantastic. They have a couple flavors besides regular. The regular is so good, though. I usually get that.

I've had numerous kinds of their sausage, both pork and chicken. All very good. The kinds with jalapeno are my favorite. I've both boiled in beer and grilled these, as well as smoked them.

Cuts of meat- all done very well and nice and fresh. Chicken here is from Oregon- not far away Arkansas or elsewhere where most your grocers chicken is coming from.

Besides all that- they are very accommodating & helpful. They've helped me with very, very good instructions on a new smoker I bought on Craigslist. As the instructions the smoker came with were not very good, I really appreciated that.

They've also been real nice and very knowledgeable in general in all the various cooking/grilling tips.

They also have really good package meat deals. And they've got a really good selection of various BBQ and Teriyaki sauces and meat rubs & spices.

A great butcher shop.


Amy D, Portland, OR

I finally stopped in after a recommendation from a friend. What nice people and the best chicken sausage, maybe the best sausage of any kind, I've ever had. So nice to be able to afford decent meat.


Michelle H, Portland, OR

$2.99 for an 8oz sirloin steak? $4.50 for a 12oz? What a steal! These are great quality for the price. I was sincerely impressed. There are a bunch of nice looking steaks, pork, and sausage to be had here. I saw deli meats and jerky and bottles of sauce and mustards. It's definitely your typical butcher. Signs hang above listing those awesome packages of meat you can get for those who have a huge freezer. I used to, but not anymore. My dad inquired about how much a half of beef would be. It works out to being $2.99lb. A hell of a deal.

Most of their sausage is house made with great sounding seasonings like apple cinnamon, jalepeno, pesto, and sun-dried tomato. They even do these in a chicken variety, which is always nice to see. They also sell Zenner's. A ton of pre-done baked potatoes are available for less than $2 each, and would pair well with one of these great steaks. 

The service, however, is what really sells this place. They're super friendly. The guy who currently owns it, who was off to the side working on a project, has been in the business for over 20 years. We were given the full attention of the guy behind the counter. I couldn't believe on a Saturday we were really the only ones in the place. Gartner's on a Saturday is a zoo. He couldn't believe we hadn't been in before, and since I was with my parents, they claimed "living far enough away" to never justify stopping in. Once I said I pretty much lived down the street, he said he'd look forward to seeing me again since he knew I'd be back. Talk about having faith in what you sell. We wandered around, taking a look at everything they had. There really wasn't a bad thing in the case. He even gave us samples of their house made jerky, which isn't that bad. Had I not been stuffed up on a burrito and taco from Tienda Santa Cruz, I probably would have enjoyed it more. 

I picked up four of the 8oz sirloins for a whopping $12. I thought about some of the chicken sausage, but I'll just save that for next time. Their pork looked good, too, so I'm sure that'll make it's way to my house at some point.

I swiped my card, and as he tried to decipher my crappy handwriting, he rang up my parents, too. He had to ask what my name was since it was completely illegible. Shocking, right? I thought he was doing it for safety reasons, but really it was just to learn my name. When I was on my way out the door he called me by name, and said he looked forward to seeing me again soon. 

And once I actually have the time to cook up one of these sirloins, I know I'll be back (and give them their fifth star). Chicken sausage needs to be had.


Kate D, Portland, OR

We love Western Meat Market! They are helpful and friendly. We have always gotten premium product there from chicken breasts to our holiday Prime Rib. Don't let the old school appearance make you pass. Get in there!


Kay K, Portland, OR

We've lived in North Portland for about 6 years now and have driven by Western Meat Market many times. I decided to stop in a few weeks back for some beef short ribs. I wanted to make a recipe I'd found in a magazine. The butcher was friendly, approachable, and helpful. The short ribs were in a big slab so he sliced then cut them into 4-6 inch chunks. I also picked up 2 of the 8 oz New York steaks for some ridiculous price like $3.50/steak (how could I pass that up, right). The short ribs turned out perfectly and when we cooked the steaks a few days later, they were tender and juicy right off the grill.

Last week, we wanted to make pulled pork so we swung by on a Sunday afternoon. The butcher helped us pick out the right cut of pork, wrapped it up and off we went. It turned out really well, too - better than any pulled pork I'd made before.

We really love Western Meat Market and plan to do as much shopping there as we can. We appreciate the friendly service and that we're supporting local business. Stop by this little gem the next time you're in North Portland!


Cedar A, Portland, OR

OMG!!! This place has some of the best cuts of meat in town!! My wife and I finally went into Western Meat Market on Lombard. We've seen it for years but have always just bought our meat at Fred Meyer or Safeway. NEVER AGAIN!! Every piece of meat we bought from this place was top notch. This is the kind of meat you want to serve to guest or a social gathering. I bought a rump roast : Excellent. I bought top sirloin : Excellent, The boneless ribs : Excellent, the pork chops : Excellent, The beef, sausage, chicken ALL EXCELLENT!!! I can't say enough positive praise for Western Meat Market. I'm a loyal customer for life now


Ginger W, Portland, OR

I agree 110% with all the reviews. From the fresh turkey at thanksgiving to fresh ground chicken for my sick pup. Taste the jalapeƱo dip.....OMG. Yummy.

Ron and kell dog are a huge part of the best meat market in the northwest.

Keep on keepin on guys. We know where you are and now so does the rest of Portland.


Ryan T, Portland, OR

The guys that work here are great, their prices are very good and the quality is top notch. No frills, just flat-out value and service.


Jillian M, Portland, OR

My mother and I have gone here A LONG TIME (over 10 years now, before we lived in the area she would travel from 60'th and Killingsworth) 

The staff is friendly.

The meat is fresh.

They will do special cuts, happily for you.

They are not over priced.

They have a good variety. 

They remember their customers. (I just moved out on my own not too long ago, during all those times my mother went in the last 10 years, I had gone in only a handful of times however when I went in to buy meat for myself the very first time, without my mom, and it had been over a year since I had last been, the staff instantly new who I was.) The small stuff matters.

They are clean.

Seems to be family owned and operated.

They give back to their community.

They have good prices on dog bones too!

I do truly love this place! And would recommend to all!

(note: they accept ebt too.)